Zazu – A 25-Year Reminder to Pray First

Curious Zazu - Senegal Parrot
Curious Zazu - Senegal Parrot


Last Mother’s Day, I decided I wanted to get a parrot. I had talked to some family and friends who have birds and it sounded like a fun adventure.

I spent a few weeks talking to people familiar with birds. I did research on the internet checking out breeds. I gathered information on the proper feeding and care. I even watched some u-tube videos explaining how to train birds. Like a any good pet-owner, I did lots of research and homework in my process of deciding whether or not to add a new pet to our family.

However, unlike any good Christian, I didn’t take time to pray about it.

And now I regret it. I let the fun and excitement of a new pet overshadow the need to ask God his opinion. I pretended that doing all the good research and getting educated was like seeking God’s direction. But I never once stopped to ask God if adding this new pet would be his plan for our family. 

I’m sure if I had taken the same amount of time praying over this decision as I did researching, I would have come back with a clear answer from God, “No. this is not a wise choice for you.”

Now, I’m paying the price of not praying. I have this senegal parrot that will be with me for the next 25+ years. Making a mess, stealing my food, acting like the family alarm clock and getting on everyone’s nerves. That’s a pretty stiff penalty for running ahead of God and not seeking his direction.

Zazu loves to eat people food!
Zazu loves to eat people food!


Let this be a lesson for you to not forget to ask God for his input on the decisions you are making. When we wander off God’s path in the wrong direction, we ultimately pay a price. Sometimes big, sometimes small, but there is always a cost.


P.S. Zazu is a very sweet bird, he does just what birds are supposed to do, and when I have the time to devote to him, he is a lot of fun.

On the bright side of things, I now have 25-year reminder to always pray first.


2 thoughts on “Zazu – A 25-Year Reminder to Pray First

  1. Option 1 – Craigslist. Option 2 – Donate to a preschool. Option 3 – Stop clipping his wings and leave the sliding door open. And no I won’t adopt Zazu in case you were thinking of asking.
    P.S. Have you prayed about goats?

    1. Yes, except the boys are so attached. Brendan started crying when he saw me posting the pictures in this blog. He thought I was selling him.

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