About Katie Williams

What I Do

  • I am the Designer of Children’s Outreach and Special Events at Shadow Mountain Community Church.
    • I take great ideas and turn them in reality.
    • I do most of the graphic design for our kids ministry department.
    • I challenge the status quo.
    • I like to try new things, make mistakes and then either dump it, or tweak it to near perfection.
    • I simplify processes and help people work more efficiently.
    • I move and think quickly.
  • I face paint for fun, and teach others do it with me so we can share Jesus with kids, at community events.
  • I’m pursuing my love of art by working towards an AA in Fine Art. (Only 4 classes to go! WhooHoo!)
  • I love my husand with all my heart, cherish, respect and honor him.
  • Work hard to guide my kids towards good choices and a God focused future.

Who I Am

A Christian – I accepted Christ at the age of 17. Wandered aimlessly and sinfully for about 5 years.  Began to pour my life into Christ and his into mine 15 years ago and haven’t stopped since.

A Wife – I am married to an amazingly Godly man who looks super sexy in his Fireman uniform.

A Mother

  • to a 21-year old, Becca – she’s brilliant and has great taste in music
  • to a 16-year old, Jarrett – he’s Mr. Independent and an outstanding athlete
  • to a 14-year old, Brendan – he’s creative and crazy all wrapped in one

What I’m Not

  • Perfect
  • A good cook
  • All knowing

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