Save Money – Buy in Bulk

Money Saving Tips for Ministry Purchases

As the Designer of Children’s Outreach, my role involves finding and purchasing most of the items for our special events and programs. Sometimes I’m purchasing supplies for 100 or so kids, and other times, closer to 1,500. I’ve compiled a list of great places to buy in bulk (or smaller quantities at great prices) and also offer up some other money saving tips that you’ll find useful.

Here are few helpful tips as you search for the best deals:

  • Compare prices – I usually check at least 3 places before buying.
  • Shipping Costs – Don’t forget to check shipping costs when comparing. Sometimes it’s a deal breaker.
  • Varied Keywords – Try using different keywords to locate different brands or widen product options.
  • Order Early – You won’t feel the urge to pay extra for quick shipping if you order early.
  • Piece Out Crafts – Find a craft kit you like? Try piecing out the cost and see if you can save by doing some of the prep work with volunteers.
  • Use coupon codes – Do a google search for coupon codes. You can save up to 20% by finding current codes online. 
  • Call the Company – If you’re placing large orders, call the company and negotiate free shipping or bigger discounts. 


Craft & General Hobby Supplies

Oriental Trading
Lots of craft kits, novelty toys, and even some imprinted promotional items.

S & S Worldwide
Some craft kits, lots of miscellaneous class supplies and playground/game equipment.

A good variety of unique crafts and a special section with Christian themes.

Blick Art Materials
Anything specialty can be found here from glues, to paper to markers to paint.

Discount School Supply
Lots and lots of general classroom supply items. 



Candy Warehouse
I think they sell just about any kind of candy you can imagine at rock bottom prices. 

Sandy Candy
This is the original maker of Sandy Candy. A Christian company run by fun people. 


Random Items

(I’ve ordered flip flops, UV face paint, blankets, socks, ornaments, dolls, invisible ink pens, secret compartment boxes) 

Deal Extreme
Order from 1 to 1000+ of anything. It’s shipped directly from China, so give yourself 2-3 week shipping time. 

Dollar Days
You have order in set quantities, like 12, 24, 96, depending on the item, but you can’t beat the prices. 

You can’t find it on eBay, it probably doesn’t exist. 

Silly Farm
Face paint, balloons & clown supplies.

Creative Arts Store
Lots of fun magic tricks, face paint supplies, chalk talk books and more. All with a Christian spin. 

Windy City Novelties
Every kind of glow stick and novelty imaginable. They also have great selection of fun hats and novelty toys.

Lots of fun decorating supplies and ideas. If you haven’t used gossamer before, you’ve got to try it. 

Bulk Balloons
We like to buy the mylar balloons and reuse them. You can get great prices here. 

Paper Mart
Boxes, bags and random gift supplies 

ID Supply
Where we get our badge clips and name tag holders.

* * * * * 

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If you have some favorites, send them my way and I’ll add them to my sidebar links.