One Topic

Two weeks ago, I planned to send out an e-mail to our volunteers and families seeking extra help for our Easter services. But, by the time I left our staff meeting the list of information to include in the e-mail had grown to include all of this:

  • Children’s Easter Programs
  • Serving Opportunities for the Easter Programs
  • AWANA Grand Prix – Get your cars now!
  • Indian Hills Summer Camp – Watch for registration soon!
  • Summer Blast (VBS) – Mark you calendar for this fun week!

I included graphics for each area, bulleted all the right items, put the headers in bold and made it very readable considering all the info that it contained. As pretty as I made it, I didn’t get one single response for people to come serve. 

This week I sent out an e-mail and focused only on the serving opportunites for Easter. I highlighted six areas we needed help in, and included the time slots when the help was needed. So far I’ve gotten at least 20 responses of people stepping up to serve.

Our people sent me a pretty strong message this Easter.
“If you want to communicate with me, make it clear, make it concise, and keep it to ONE TOPIC. Especially if you’re expecting me to communicate back with you.”


Since posting this message 3 days ago, I have now gotten another 8 responses for help. Really, keep it short, cover one-topic at a time. It works.