Shopping List

I asked my kids to make a grocery list so I could go to the store today. This is what they requested:

Fiber One Bars
Ice Cream
Capri Sun
Orange Juice*
Stick Butter
BBQ Sauce
A1 Steak Sauce
Tortilla Chips
Baking Cups
Blueberry Muffins*
Noodle Boxes
Freezer Bags*
Mini Marshmallows
Choc. Chip Muffins
Cookie Mix
Dr. Pepper
Club Crackers

80% of the items on this list I would classify as goodies, treats and snacks. I love all of those things, but I have to keep in mind that . . .

If I give in and buy all these items,
I’ll have no money left to buy the good, healthy stuff.

The way we choose to spend our time is very similar. Movies, Farmville, Survivor, Hobbies are all good and fun things, but I have to keep in mind that . . .

If I allocate too much of my day to these kinds of pleasures,
I’ll have no time left to spend with God.

TV Influenced my kid, how about yours?

My 9-year old son, Brendan, had a friend over after church last Sunday. They played out in the yard all afternoon and had a great time.

When I went to put him to bed he proudly said, “I ate a cricket’s head today.”


“Wow! . . . Um, why would you do that honey?” I asked.

“Joel and I were playing Man vs. Wild.” he answered.


I’m not opposed to the show Man vs. Wild, and I think it’s kind of funny that Brendan actually ate a cricket, but I’m left wondering what else is he picking up from watching TV? Is it good, is it bad? Am I monitoring it enough? How much time IS he spending in front of the TV?

If you don’t think TV has an influence on our young people, good or bad, you’re fooling yourself. If my real-life story isn’t enough proof, check out some of these studies:

What do I need to know about children and TV
Lots of stats and interesting information. 

Children And Watching TV
Good insights on actively participating in viewing with your child.

As parent, it’s your responsibility to know what your kids are watching and the message that their absorbing. Make a commitment this week to track the hours they spend in front of the TV and take time to watch some shows with them. Then filter those influences against God’s word and decide for yourself what should be allowed and what shouldn’t. 

Look both ways . . . before you give your kid a cell phone.

Look both ways before crossing!

A lesson learned about putting technology in the hands of our children.


A friend of ours, we’ll call him “Dad”, purchased a new cell phone for his 12-year old son, whom we’ll call “the son”. This wasn’t the son’s first phone, but a replacement, and it had more bells and whistles than the first.

Everyone was happy.

Until one day, when the son said, “Watch Dad!”

The son pushed a button on his phone, held it up to the stereo speaker where some music was playing, and behold, listed on the phone screen was the name of the song, the album and the band. “See, my phone can tell me what music is playing where ever I go. I just hit this button and it automatically ID’s it. I can even download the song right to my phone if I want to!”

“Um, wow son, I uh, I think it costs money to do that.” said the Dad fearfully.

The son cheerfully responded, “No Dad, it’s free! It’s a free app I downloaded.”

Dad, “I don’t think so. I think you get charged for air time son.” 

And in a flurry of panic, Dad ran off to call the cell phone company. He quickly melted into a pile of shock when he learned that the son had rung up a cell phone bill of more than $1,000 and the month wasn’t even over yet.

After much crying, pleading and begging by the Dad, the generous cell phone company knocked 50% off the bill. Wheww!! Half the bill gone, but in my book 500 bucks is still a lot of money.

Dad then took the time to research where it had all gone wrong and discovered that his son’s nifty new phone had some pretty nifty music capabilities, with lots of free applications. The applications were free, but each time they were used, it ate up bandwidth, and that cost $1.99 per MB. 


Would you let your kids cross the street on their own, much less play in it, without teaching them about the dangers involved? Of course not, but I see more and more parents handing these technology laden gadgets over to their kids without educating themselves or their children before letting them out loose to play.

Sadly the dangers out there aren’t as simple or benign as an astronomical cell phone bill. Built in cameras, text messaging, picture messaging, mobile TV and internet capabilities opens our kids up to a world of temptation and serious pitfalls if we’re not educated and diligent guardians for them. 

If your kid gets hit by the world of technology that is traveling full-speed ahead, as a parent, you only have yourself to blame if you haven’t done your homework and educated your kids.


Interesting, shocking and helpful links about kids and cell phones

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